Cargo Terminals

EGYPTAIR CARGO has 3 Cargo Terminals & Running a perishable terminal

Shifts 24 hours all week.

1- Cairo cargo terminal

Cairo with its distinguished geographical location is considered a favorable HUB for
 transshipments on board EGYPTAIR fleet from/to major cities as well as the Egyptian
export & imports from around the world.

Terminal facilities

  • 14 Representatives of all control authorities.
  • Area 55,000 m2 with a storage capacity of 120,000 tons.
  • Loading & offloading mechanical platforms of 190 meters length allow 34 vans and 22 heavy Lorries to operate at the same time.
  • Serve 37 foreign Airlines
  • Shaded areas
  • Electronically scales
  • Cold storage from -20 up to +10 C
  • Strong rooms for valuables
  • Chemical storage
  • Dangerous goods storage
  • Radioactive materials store
  • X-Ray screening facilities for export cargo are available.
  • Forklift up to 10 tons.
  • Live animal acceptance and handling
  • Ability to serve 4 freighters at the same time

2- Alexandria Cargo Terminal

To cope with growing market and customer need, a second terminal, with a storage capacity of 20000 tons per annum,
 was inaugurated in Sep. 1991 at  Alexandria int'l airport, with all facilities to better serve the northern region of the Delta.

Terminal facilities

  • Area 8,100 m2 with a storage capacity of 20,000 tons.
  • Serve 14 foreign Airlines General cargo warehouses
  • Cool Stores
  • Dangerous goods storage
  • Extended platform with total length 50m & 4m width
  • Valuable safe room
  • Trucking service to/from cargo terminal in Cairo
  • Government authorities:
    • Customs Authorities
    • Export / Import Control
    • Agriculture Control 

Service to domestic airports  are available to Aswan , Hurghada , Sharm El Sheikh ,Abou Simbel, Marsa Matrouh, Marsa Allam


3- Luxor Cargo Terminal

Cargo facility at Luxor International Airport was opened in May 2006 to support our customers in the southern region of Egypt.

Terminal facilities

  • Area 3,200 m2.
  • Serve 13 foreign Airlines
  • Dedicated perishable area
  • Valuable store area.
  • 3 X-Ray equipments.
  • Customs Service’s Support are available from 9:00 to 14:00 during working days

Service to domestic airports  are available to Aswan , Hurghada , Sharm El Sheikh ,Abou Simbel, Marsa Matrouh, Marsa Allam

Perishable Terminal

  • It's established by HEIA-association in July 2003 to keep the cooling cycle of the perishables.

  • It's the main gate for fruit & vegetables to Europe & Middle East.

  • It's equipped with the state of the art of the  equipments.

  • It's operated and managed by EGYPTAIR CARGO Company.

  • Terminal facilities :

    • Total area 24000 m2

    • Cooling area 4000 m2

    • Capacity 320 tons per 6 hours(144 pallet positions).