In continuation of the  air freight effective role in supporting the national economy, and within the framework of  EGYPTAIR's interest to expand its agreements with the major companies  in the field of air freight to be able to compete in the global  air transport industry challenges.

 Capt.Gasser Hussein, Chairman and CEO of EGYPTAIR Cargo Company, stated that the company signed a cooperation agreement with CEVA International in the field of freight transport between several countries in Africa, Europe and the Americas to enhance the cooperation in the field of air freight and feed EGYPTAIR 's network of exports and imports as well as to attract more customers to the company's network points. 

Hussein added that this agreement is a first step towards establishing a long-term partnership between the two companies to play an important role in contributing to the economic diversification of the country.

 He also emphasized that these new contracts come as a result of the distinguished service provided by EGYPTAIR Cargo which confirms that air freight is one of the main activities that achieve the plan of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to transform Cairo Airport into a hub airport.

 Hussein also explained that the company aims to develop its air fleet to keep pace with the increase in operation, as the company recently received a B737-800SF aircraft after converting it from a passenger plane to a freighter plane to support the fleet and accommodate the largest possible number of air freight requests.

 A delegation from CEVA international visited the Cargo company and got acquainted with its activities through the cargo complex at Cairo Airport. 

EGYPTAIR Cargo also held a workshop for the delegation during which an explanatory presentation and a film  showed the services and the development plan of the company in all fields to meet the requirements and desires of the company's customers. 

The delegation also visited EGYPTAIR 's museum and listened to a presentation about the history of EGYPTAIR. 

  For his part, Mr. Ahmed Armoush, Vice Chairman of CEVA International Egypt - Jordan, which is affiliated with CMA CGM, the leading company in the field of freight and transportation, which ranks third in the world in this field, expressed his happiness at starting cooperation with EGYPTAIR, which is one of the largest airlines in the field of air freight in the region.

 Armoush stressed that EGYPTAIR Cargo witnessed a qualitative shift in the air freight management system over the past years, which encouraged them to start cooperation and partnership with it in the field of transporting goods between Egypt and the countries of the world.

He added that the  first stage of cooperation will be during the next month by organizing cargo flights from India to Egypt and from Egypt to the USA.