In continuation of the strategic plan of the national company, EGYPTAIR, to develop its fleet in accordance with the guidance of Air Marshal, Mohamed Abbas Helmy, Minister of Civil Aviation, EGYPTAIR Cargo Company received the first Passenger-to-Freighter converted B737-800SF .

EGYPTAIR contracted with Commercial Jet  , a leading  American company in the aircraft Passenger-to - Freighter business.This is the first B737-800SF converted aircraft  operated by EGYPTAIR , thus, the national company currently owns 4 air freighters. 

 For his part, Engineer Yehia Zakaria, Chairman & CEO of EGYPTAIR Holding Company , stated that EGYPTAIR seeks to expand its air cargo services to enhance the capacity of its fleet and meet the huge demand for air freight traffic around the world.

He added that the new aircraft will help increase the capacity of the fleet and enhance the ability to deliver vital goods. 

 Zakaria also added that despite the difficult challenges of the global aviation industry , the air cargo sector is witnessing a great boom during this period of time. 

Capt.Gasser Hussein, Chairman & CEO of EGYPTAIR Cargo Company ,confirmed that the new plane has many advantages, including its ability to cover a flying distance of up to 7 hours, and to accommodate a load of up to 23 tons, with a capacity of 137 cubic meters in the upper compartment divided into 11 pallets.

He added that the capacity of the forward  lower compartment is 19 cubic meters and the capacity of the aft lower compartment is 25 cubic meters. This allows customers to obtain the specifications they need , in addition to the speed of goods delivery , which makes it easier for customers to receive their goods in a suitable time.

 It is worth noting that the regular commercial operation of the aircraft will include Ostend, Istanbul, Khartoum, Benghazi, Lagos and Douala, in addition to charter flights to Oman, Mumbai, Muscat and Dammam.