EGYPTAIR CARGO is complying with all current national and international regulations and as follows:

1-Dangerous Goods

1.1 Arab Republic of Egypt

1.1.1 The transport of Dangerous Goods to, from or through A.R.E must comply
with the following:
a- The Transport must be in accordance with the current ICAO technical
instructions and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
b- Prior approval is required for the transport of munitions of war, all explosives
and Radioactive Materials, except that intended for medical purposes to A.R.E.
1.1.2 The importation of Radioactive Material to A.R.E is subject to prior approval from :
- National Center for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control (NCNSR).
- Atomic Energy Authority
3 Ahmed Elzomor st. p.o box 7551 8th sector, Nasr City Cairo.
Tel. +2 02 33544186/33638898. +2 02 22876033.
Fax+2 02 22876031.


1.2.1 The transport of Dangerous Goods on board EGYPTAIR network must comply with the following:
a- The name, address and tel. number of the shipper and consignee must be written in full on the AWB and on the package(s).
b- The shipper of any D.G must provide a written undertaken to re-ship the consignment at the shipper’s cost and risk, if its not cleared or received within fifteen working days from the arrival of the consignment.
1.2.2  Advance arrangement must be made for all shipments of D.G.
1.2.3  Dangerous Goods will not be accepted by post.
1.2.4  Any doubt arises regarding the classification or identification of the substance, the shipper must provide - up on request of EGYPTAIR - the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of the substance which must include the transport information, or a declaration on company letter head confirming the classification and assuming full liability.
1.2.5  Dangerous Goods in excepted quantities originating in Egypt will be accepted as Dangerous Goods, this provision doesn’t apply to Radioactive Materials in excepted packages.
1.2.6  Infected animals dead or alive will not be accepted onboard EGYPTAIR network.
1.2.7  For all types of Radioactive Materials including excepted packages and for medical use for importation to Egypt, The shipper must notify the consignee and the station of destination 48 hours prior to the arrival of the shipment. If the shipment is not cleared within 7 working days, the shipment will be returned to the originator at the shipper’s cost and risk.

2-Live Animals

2.1 Arab Republic of Egypt

2.1.1  Live animals (including cats, dogs, meat and fish products) must be accompanied with a valid government Veterinarian good health certificate issued at the point of origin and valid for two weeks from the date of issuance. This certificate does not exempt the shipment from being examined by the Egyptian ministry of agriculture veterinary upon arrival and quarantine incase of suspected (unhealthy) animals for 15 days as a maximum.
2.1.2  For live animals’ shipments transiting in Egypt, the following instructions must be followed:  The station of origin must send the following certificates:
- Health certificates.
- Certificates of origin.
- CITES certificate (If required).
- Commercial invoices.
To Fax no: +2 02 22657338 care of export follow up manager.
The department receiving those documents will, in return relay them to the shipments and they should be dealt case by case.  There are certain fees collected by the veterinary authorities in lieu of examining and approving the certificates, such fees depend on the value of the shipments and dealt case by case.  Upon receiving the approval, the follow up manager will correspond with the originating station to relay the approval and fees to be collected from the consignor.  Shipments to be forwarded only after obtaining the approval and paying all relevant fees and charges and with a confirmed booking to all routes.  All shipments sent without completing all the above procedures will be subject to confiscation.


2.2.1  EGYPTAIR will accept the following breed of dogs (and mixes thereof) only in cages that comply with IATA Live Animals Regulations container requirements:
- American Bulldog.
- American Pitbull Terrier.
- American Staffordshire Terrier.
- Bullterrier.
- Staffordshire-Bull Terrier.
- Caucasian Owatscharka.
- Dogo Argentino.
- Fila Brasileiro.
- Karabash.
- Mastiff
- Mastino Napolitano

For more information regarding regulations of other shipments please send your inquiries to: ,