Cargo Terminals

Cairo Cargo Terminal

Cairo with its distinguished geographical location is considered a favorable HUB for  transshipments on board EGYPTAIR fleet from/to major cities as well as the Egyptian export - imports from around the world.

Terminal facilities

  • 14 Representatives of all control authorities.
  • Covering an area of 55,000 square meters, with a storage capacity of 120,000 tons.
  • Loading & offloading mechanical platforms of 190 meters length allow 34 vans and 22 heavy Lorries to operate at the same time.
  • Providing cargo Serves to 37 foreign Airlines.
  • Providing shaded storage areas.
  • Electronically Weighing scales.
  • Cold storage from -20 up to +10 C.
  • Secured rooms for valuables.
  • Chemical storage area.
  • Dangerous goods storage area.
  • Radioactive materials storage.
  • X-Ray screening facilities for export cargo are available.
  • Forklift up to 10 tons capacities.
  • Live animal acceptance and handling.
  • The capacity to provide cargo services to 4 freighters simultaneously.

Alexandria Cargo Terminal

To cope with growing market and customer need, a second terminal, with a storage capacity of 20000 tons per annum,was inaugurated in Sep. 1991 at  Alexandria int'l airport, with all facilities to better serve the northern region of the Delta.

Terminal facilities

  • Area 8,100 m2 with a storage capacity of 20,000 tons.
  • Serve 14 foreign Airlines General cargo warehouses
  • Cool Stores
  • dangerous goods storage
  • Extended platform with total length 50m & 4m width
  • Valuable safe room
  • Trucking service to/from cargo terminal in Cairo
  • Government authorities:
    • Customs Authorities
    • Export / Import Control
    • Agriculture Control

Service to domestic airports  are available to Aswan , Hurghada , Sharm El Sheikh ,Abou Simbel, Marsa Matrouh, Marsa Allam

Luxor Cargo Terminal

Cargo facility at Luxor International Airport was opened in May 2006 to support our customers in the southern region of Egypt.

Terminal facilities

  • Area 3,200 m2.
  • Serve 13 foreign Airlines
  • Dedicated perishable area
  • Valuable store area.
  • 3 X-Ray equipments.
  • Customs Services Support are available from 9:00 to 14:00 during working days

Service to domestic airports  are available to Aswan , Hurghada , Sharm El Sheikh ,Abou Simbel, Marsa Matrouh, Marsa Allam

Perishable Terminal

It's established by HEIA-association in July 2003 to keep the cooling cycle of the perishables.

It's the main gate for fruit & vegetables to Europe & Middle East.

It's equipped with the state of the art of the  equipments.

It is operated and managed by EGYPTAIR CARGO Company.

Terminal facilities

  • Total area 24000 m2
  • Cooling area 4000 m2
  • Capacity 320 tons per 6 hours(144 pallet positions).