MS Dangerous Goods

The range of industrial and commercial goods able to pose a health or safety hazard is on the rise and becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Apparently innocuous items, such as paints, medical equipment and/or aircraft spare parts contain a wide variety of potentially hazardous substances.

Yet, every day, we carry flammable, corrosive, toxic, spontaneously combustible or infectious substances, as well as explosives, oxidants, poisonous goods, cryogenic liquids, magnetized and radioactive materials swiftly, safely and efficiently.

While shippers must comply with the requirements for packing, marking, labeling and documentation, our dangerous goods team of experts ensures that dangerous goods are correctly and safely handled and in full compliance with current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and work closely with our customers to make the overall safety in the first priority. Delivering Your Expectations

Customized Dangerous Goods Solutions:

  • Implementation of consistent quality management systems along the transportation process,
  • Dedicated and qualified cargo handling staff trained in the handling of dangerous goods,
  • Fleet of Airbus 300/600F and 330-200P2F freighters designed to accommodate all types of dangerous goods, including those items that must exclusively fly on cargo aircraft,
  • Freight unloaded straight after landing,
  • Quick ramp transportation from/to aircraft,
  • Direct access to the cargo warehouse (due to warehouse location right next to cargo ramp),
  • Automated shipment tracking via the EGYPTAIR CARGO website,
  • Specially constructed storage areas fitted with alarms and emergency equipment, minimizing the risk of damage during handling,
  • We are licensed for acceptance, storage and loading of dangerous goods of all categories,
  • Strict adherence to IATA and ICAO regulations,
  • Reservations and pre-arrangements are essential for the entire route.