MS Auto

We have the tools and the expertise to move them with the specific care they demand. Of course you can also get guidance on how to prepare your delicate cargo for air transport from our experienced and skilled staff.

Your peace of mind is our highest priority and we recognize the key requirements for delivering excellence in the handling of engine powered commodities. Delivering Your Expectations

Customized Auto Solutions:

  • Implementation of consistent quality management systems along the transportation process,
  • Dedicated and qualified cargo handling staff trained,
  • Dedicated storage, offloading & handling areas,
  • Freight unloaded straight after landing,
  • Quick ramp transportation from/to aircraft,
  • Direct access to the cargo warehouse (due to warehouse location right next to cargo ramp),
  • Automated shipment tracking via the EGYPTAIR CARGO website,
  • Reservations and pre-arrangements are essential for the entire route.