MS General Cargo

If you think general cargo doesn’t require specialists, think again. For 85 years, EGYPTAIR CARGO has dedicated expertise and experience to the transport of general cargo on purpose built freighter aircraft.

We take care of your general cargo (from textile to plastics; consolidated cargos to electronic materials) with dedicated and highly trained staff that ensures fast and efficient operations on the ground.

Of course all goods are transported in accordance to IATA regulations and consistent handling standards (Shipper and its agent must ensure the packaging is durable for air transportation).

We fly to the right destinations at the right time to support your demanding transportation needs. Delivering Your Expectations

General Cargo Service Solutions:

  • Dedicated and experienced and highly trained staff,
  • 24/7 Shifts are working,
  • Fleet of 3 Airbus 330-200P2F freighters,
  • Direct access to the cargo warehouse (due to warehouse location right next to cargo ramp),
  • Goods transported in accordance to IATA regulations,
  • Consistent handling standards worldwide with a global network of partners,
  • Being with 51 Domestic, we have more than 70 destinations all over the world. EGYPTAIR CARGO at your service network that covers almost the entire globe from Americas to Middle East and from Europe to Africa,
  • Automated shipment tracking via the EGYPTAIR CARGO website.