MS Live Animals

EGYPTAIR CARGO is specialized in live animal transport, (from horse to poultry, from cat to lion, from bird to bees).

To safeguard the welfare of the animals we carry by affording them the safety, comfort and security that they deserve, we handle them with special care and in full compliance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Our highly trained staff ensures the safety of your animals. Delivering Your Expectations

The conditions applicable to acceptance of live animals are as follows:

  • Health and condition of animals: Animals in a consignment must not show any sign of illness. They must be well fed and watered. The carriage of animals in an advanced state of pregnancy is generally prohibited.
  • Packing: Packing must be clean, leak-proof and escape-proof to allow safe handling during carriage. A special "Live Animals" label shall be affixed with complete handling instructions.
  • Food and additional articles: Additional articles such as food accompanying the shipment must be included in the chargeable weight.
  • Reservations: Confirmation must be received in order to reserve space on flights and all possible connecting flight(s) of other airlines up to the airport of destination.
  • Consolidation: Live animals may not be consolidated with other goods but a consolidated shipment may be wholly composed of live animals.
  • Documents: Health documents and Shipper's Certification for Live Animals are generally required for every shipment of live animals.
Customized Live Animals Solutions:
  • Dedicated and qualified cargo handling staff trained in Live Animals,
  • Freight unloaded straight after landing,
  • Quick ramp transportation from/to aircraft,
  • Direct access to the cargo warehouse (due to warehouse location right next to cargo ramp),
  • Dedicated AVI storage area and veterinary facilities .
  • Automated shipment tracking via the EGYPTAIR CARGO website,
  • Reservations and pre-arrangements are essential for the entire route.