MS Pharma

In the pharmaceuticals and similar products market growing year by year, EGYPTAIR CARGO does not only try to enlarge its market share but also acts as improve the life of patients represents an important responsibility, and adopts this approach in all processes of such shipments.

Our highly trained staffs are aware of the severity and importance of the issues possible to occur in such transports.In the transportation process of the consignments that are extremely important for health and extremely temperature and time critical, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biotechnological products, diagnostic samples, precision healthcare devices, organs, tissues, etc.

EGYPTAIR CARGO acts extremely cautiously to preserve the integrity of the cold chain and the products, and gives the utmost priority to this issue.

Performing our operations as per the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR) and IATA Temperature Control Regulations (TCR), EGYPTAIR CARGO will entitle to IATA CEIV Pharma certificates for EGYPTAIR CARGO as an Operator and for Cairo and Borg El Arab Stations that covers the requirements of the international GDP guides (EU and WHO), and targeting excellence in air cargo transportation and cargo handling services. Delivering Your Expectations

Customized Cool Chain Solutions:

  • Implementation of consistent quality management systems along the transportation process,
  • Dedicated and qualified cargo handling staff trained in pharmaceutical and healthcare products,
  • Freights are unloaded straight after landing
  • Quick ramp transportation from/to aircraft,
  • Direct access to the cargo warehouse (due to warehouse location right next to cargo ramp),
  • Thermal blankets that allow temperature integrity for large palletized shipments,
  • Automated shipment tracking via EGYPTAIR CARGO website,
  • A storage temperature range from Freeze; 2C to 8C and 15C to 25C,
  • Active temperature controlled container possible - Supported by Envirotainer,
  • Reservations and pre-arrangements are essential for the entire route.